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ACT Workshops

Please Include Student's Name and phone # in the "Optional Window" when ordering with your Credit Card! Be sure to bring a calculator, two sharpened pencils, and a sack lunch!!
Summer 2016
May 31-June 2 BDC 5:30-9:00 $275
Pay by Check
June 6, 8,10 BDC 9-4 $450
Pay by Check
  • Baylor classes are located at Baylor School in the Chapel Building Room 8
  • GPS classes are located at 205 Island Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37405
  • The BDC is located at 100 Cherokee Boulevard, Suite 315, Chattanooga, TN 37405
  • 10 hours of additional prep material
  • Includes workbook
  • Bring a calculator, two Sharpened pencils, and a sack lunch

ACT workshops are designed to help students take an individualized study approach to the new ACT Test and conquer the test. An actual retired ACT Test will be given to the student to show strengths and weaknesses in all areas tested. This class offers a review of English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning and Essay questions and in-class problem solving and strategies. Test-taking strategies and test format review will be covered for each required testing point. Students will leave with a personal study plan, extra retired tests and workbook with explanatory answers to each test question. To pay by credit card, click on the "Buy Now" button. To pay by check, click on "Pay by Check", view the form, print, then fill out the form and mail to:

River City Workshops
100 Cherokee Boulevard
Suite 315
Chattanooga Tn 37405